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Thanks! I've been buying the off name brand noodles and lost the Ronzoni recipe. This recipe really is foolproof.
Some other ideas that I've found helpful with this recipe.
1.I've used drained cottage cheese for the ricotta cheese if thats what is cheaper.
2.I also use spinach (make sure to drain r. well) or shredded carrot for added nutrient punch.
3.It also works great as a filler between lasagna noodles too.

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alaskanmom January 23, 2011

You do NOT need to parboil your pasta first. This just makes it more difficult to stuff. Just add a little water or wine to the sauce on the bottom and then tour regular sauce all over the top. Wrap in tinfoil and cook for 45 minutes and then open for the last 10. And lastly, do NOT ever substitute cream cheese, cottage cheese or any other kind of cheese for ricotta. That is a culinary crime/ Bon Apetit, Chef Cosmo

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Joe Cosmo January 28, 2015
Cheese Stuffed Manicotti