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Kids loved it! I wasn't too strict with the recipe. I was out of minced onions and fresh onions, so I substituted chives instead. I probably used about 1.5 to 2lbs ground beef. As people have said before, I didn't have simply a 20oz. jar of tomato sauce, so I used the 26oz. jar that I had on hand. Unlike other posters, I did not scrimp on the water or the catsup. Instead of using just 4 cups of cooked tube pasta, I used a 16oz. box of rotini noodles. I also threw in a little basil with the other spices. It turned out great!

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montey28 January 12, 2007

I followed the recipe exactly...something I do the first time for all zaar recipes, only way to give them a fair shot. It reminded me of "sloppy Joe" pasta. Don't get me wrong, the family really enjoyed it, but next time I think I'd leave out the Ketchup to avoid the sweet taste. All in all, I am very happy to have found a recipe that is brand new to me. I've never made anything even close to this, and we did enjoy it. And I think most everyone would have all of the ingredients on hand, that's a real plus. I'm with the poster above who was really happy the recipe didn't call for canned cream of anything. I never use those in my cooking either. If this shows up twice, can someone please fix it?

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personalchef February 19, 2006

Good, but it felt a little too greasy in my mouth. Next time I'll drain some of that out between steps 2 & 3. I had the same problem another reviewer already mentioned with having to fuss with the sauce because if there's such a thing as a 20 oz can of tomato sauce, my grocery store doesn't carry it. I ended up putting in a 15 oz can & an 8 oz (both seasoned) and cut back about 2 oz on the ketchup and an ounce on the water. I think next time I'll just cut back on the water so I don't lose any of the flavor from the ketchup, as there didn't seem to be a problem with the sauce being too thick. I might also add a little extra seasonings and definately use a sharper cheddar next time as it seemed like the flavor still needed just a little something extra. Oh, I also used wheat pasta (for health reasons) worked just fine. It's kind of like hamburger helper, not quite as easy, but probably a little healthier.

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littleturtle April 15, 2006

Very good! My daughter asked me to make this more often. I changed the serving size to 4 but otherwise followed the directions as is.

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brownshawver October 12, 2005

Quick, easy, and yummy - and made with things I usually have on hand. I halved the recipe for three people and a toddler, so I used a small 8 oz. can of tomato sauce. It made enough for us with a little leftover.

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jodi_m July 05, 2005

I had to "mess" with this a bit - I only bought a 15 oz. can of tomato sauce (apparantly 20 oz. is an odd amount), so I added water to the 20 oz. mark, then nearly a full can of tomato paste that was hanging out in the fridge. Of course I had failed to account for the volume of the paste, so this made 24 oz. of tomato "sauce," which I corrected for by using only 1 c. additional water. Whew! (Next time I'll just use the 20 oz. tomato sauce, and avoid all that messing!) This recipe is so easy, and everyone ate it, which is a big bonus in my picky household. I used whole wheat elbow macaroni.

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evewitch August 29, 2004

This was yummy and good. I liked the fact it didnt contain cream of____, b/c I dont keep that on hand. I did however make a few changes. I used less water about 3/4 cup, 1/2 lb of ground beef, and 1 tsp of oegano. I also used shell for the pasta. I will definetly make this again.

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CrystalA July 20, 2004
Cheeseburger Pasta