Creamy Pesto Salad Dressing

Total Time
2 mins
0 mins

I needed a salad dressing for an Italian dinner one night, and I wasn't in the mood for a vinaigrette. At our house, anything with pesto is a winner! :) This is a very thick salad dressing (especially if you use regular mayo), so you don't have to get your salad greens scrupulously dry - the excess water will loosen up the dressing.

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  1. Whisk to combine. Dress salad! :).
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Loved this dressing! I had a caprese salad at a restaurant here called Phils on Front St. and they served a creay pesto dressing over i used this one over my caprese...fabulous combo...

I don't want to give stars. Cause we found that we could only taste the Dijon mustard. And then I noticed that my jar was an extra strong Dijon mustard. That's why. I'll try it again, with regular Dijon but maybe just 1 tbs in case. Thanks CraftScrout. Made for Photo tag.