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As most ‘zaar “old-timers” are aware, I have to keep my salt intake to an absolute minimum and so I was forced to make a couple of minor substitutions – I used ½ lb. ground beef, ½ lb. Italian sausage and ½ lb. chorizo sausage; I used sodium-free canned tomatoes and added my own Italian spices and; I skipped the tablespoon of salt (none of the diners seemed to notice the absence). Also, I used MeanChef’s Theory Of Garlic Calculation (“if the recipe calls for 2 cloves of garlic, use 5 or 6”). The recipe’s only minor shortcoming is that it required closer to a full pound of mozzarella and a little over a full cup of grated parmesan (well, ok, I admit that the parmesan thing is simply due to the fact that I love to go hog-wild with the stuff). The recipe’s crowning glory was the fact that one dinner guest remarked, “I can see the ricotta cheese and I cannot believe that I am going back for seconds, because I hate ricotta!” Thank you so much for a superb lasagna, Kathy.

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Mille® January 21, 2003

What a great classic lasagna! My whole family loved it! I only made a few changes to your recipe. I only had 1/2 lb. Italian sausage on hand, so I increased the ground beef to 1 lb.. Also, I did not add water to the sauce, because I was running out of time and didn't want to wait for it to cook down. The taste was still incredible, although I only let it simmer for about 45 minutes. I will definitely be making this one again! Thanks for sharing!

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Kim D. August 19, 2002

I too have been making this lasagna for 20 years from the same cookbook. My family won't eat any other. Over the years I have learned to modify for organic, vegetarian or shortcuts. One shortcut I use is high quality jar sauce. I will also spice up my sausage some with additional fennel seed and crushed red pepper. I always prep the lasagna a day ahead and bake it the next day. Sets up like a picture and makes a very easy meal for entertaining.

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ASeidl December 30, 2009

Looks like this one hasn't been made in awhile, but that didn't stop me! With the awesome reviews I made it knowing it was going to be great! I used mild Italian sausage this time, but might venture out next time and get some hot. I used cottage cheese instead of the ricotta as my DS doesn't like it much. I just mixed an egg in with it and blended it together and poured it on the noodle layer. When it was cooked and set for about 15 minutes it was firm just like mozzarella and it was really good! DS had only good things to say, and it's a good thing HA! My other half said it was excellent, as she had a mouthful, so this is a 5 star all the way from us! Tony

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tonythurston51 September 28, 2008

Hello Kathy,<br/><br/>Yes, this is a great recipe, I still have the original page from McCalls, albeit, a bit worn and sauce stained. I write because you omitted two essential ingredients of that recipe. In the sauce, it additionally requires:<br/>1/2 teaspoon fennel seed and 1 tablespoon oregano. It will improve the flavor quite a bit. <br/>ciao.

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ralph k. May 21, 2014

Terrific lasagna Kathy. Really enjoyed the flavor and texture of the sauce, so flavorful. I did make one change to your recipe, I didn't have any ground beef so I used 2 lbs of hot Italian sausage instead. It worked great in this dish. Definitely worth the extra effort. This lasagna does not disappoint. Rich, filling, full of flavor and cheese, what more could you want. Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe. Made for Pac Spring Safari 2013

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Baby Kato April 18, 2013

I still have the original recipe that appeared in the Mccalls magazine dated 1972. I have passed out this recipe to many friends and family members. If you follow the recipe to the T, it is foolproof!!!!! I wouldn't use any other lasagne recipe.

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smmdgm December 30, 2012

I ws looking thru my Cookbook and discovered that I have made this recipe 3 times now and have never given a review! So sorry, but I will make up for that now.....5+!! This recipe made one if not the best lasagna's I have tasted! I used a can of Italian style crushed tomatoes and they worked wonderfully as well as adding a little more garlic (my preference) to the sauce. Sliced great and tasted even better than I could have hoped for. I have given this to my sister and her husband and now he won't eat any other lasgna. Great recipe, and again, sorry for the much delayed review!

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*OzMan* August 30, 2004

This is the first lasagna I have ever made. I wanted to make one for my BF because it is his favorite food, and everyone loved it so much! I used a little more sausage and a little less beef, I took Miller's advice on the extra cheese, and I cut out the salt and sugar. I also didn't have enough tomato paste so I used 1/2 tomato sauce and omitted most of the water. I don't know how big of a sin that is but no one seemed to notice. Thanks for posting this!

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JenPo April 15, 2004

My wifey said it was the best lasgna she has ever had. That's enough recommondation for me. I used a bit more italian sausage and a bit less ground beef but other than that kept to the recipe. Thanks for sharing, I will be making this one again.

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Bottle Washer December 16, 2003
Favorite Lasagna