Fragolo -- Fragola -- Fragoli Liqueur (Strawberry Liqueur)

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Total Time
5 mins
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Fragolo is a very sweet Italian strawberry liqueur that is a great digestivo or after dinner drink. The liqueur not only tastes great but is a beautiful feast for the eyes. Very easy recipe...the hardest part is waiting 7 months for it to macerate. Be sure to shake it when you peek in on its progress. Pour it in an elegant bottle and seal with wax and give as a gift. Hopefully, your friend will share. A tablespoon in a pie crust or added to strawberry pie has phenomenal results.

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  1. Rinse strawberries and hull.
  2. Place in a 2 Quart jar with tight fitting lid. Add the remaining ingredients, seal, and steep for a month in a dark place. Gently shake them once or twice a day during this period.
  3. After one month, pour the liqueur through a wire mesh strainer and into a bowl. Let the strawberries drain well. Strain again using a coffee filter or paper filter and then transfer the liqueur into a clear glass bottle.
  4. Cork the bottle, let it set for about 7 months.