Mushroom Risotto With Italian Sausage Sauce

Total Time
15 mins
25 mins

A very nice recipe based on one from the Sunset Quick Cuisine cookbook. Its intro entices, "Moist and creamy, this risotto is laced with mushrooms and crowned with a meaty tomato sauce." I would start with the Italian Sausage Sauce so that its flavors blend while you make the Mushroom Risotto; otherwise, the original recipe says to make the Sausage Sauce while the risotto is simmering for the 15 minutes.

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  2. Remove casings from the sausage and crumble meat into a 10-inch frying pan.
  3. Add sliced onion. Saute over medium-high heat and cook, stirring until sausage is browned. Drain to remove fat.
  4. Add tomatoes, basil, salt, tomato paste, and wine to pan. Bring to the boil; reduce heat and boil gently, uncoverd stirring often, until sauce is thickened (approximately 10 minutes). Keep warm.
  6. Melt butter with oil in a heavy 2-quart pan over medium heat. Add onion and mushrooms; cook, stirring often, until onion is translucent but not browned and liquid has evaporated. Add garlic, white pepper, and rice. Cook, stirring, until rice looks opaque (about 2 minutes).
  7. Stir in broth and wine; bring mixture to a boil. Simmer rice at a gentle boil, uncovered, stirring occasionally, for 15 minutes.
  8. Add cream to rice mixture. Cook until rice is just tender and most of the liquid has been absorbed (about 5 minutes; rice should still be al dente without tasting starchy). Stir in 1/4 cup of the cheese.
  9. Spoon rice into a warm serving bowl and top with sauce. Garnish with parsley, if desired. Serve remaining 1/4 cup cheese to add to taste.
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Yum, Yum, Yum! What a fantastic dish! The risotto was so creamy and by itself would have made a delicious side. Next time I will be adding extra mushrooms though. For the meat sauce, I used 3/4 lbs of sausage, plus I had one andouille sausage link leftover from another dish that I chopped up and threw in. I really liked the little bit of heat it added. I did cook the meat sauce ahead of time as suggested, and it gave the flavors extra time to blend while waiting on the risotto. I will definitely be making this again! Made for PAC Spring 2009.