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I tasted this directly after making it, less the parmesan, and it is spectacular. Both my DH and DD said it tasted like something you would get in a nice restaurant. The dressing is a perfect blend, the mayo gave it a creamy texture and mellowed out the vinegar. I am going to add a bit more olives (calamata olives are my fave) and more pimento. EXCELLENT!!!!! This will be such a hit for our 4th celebration. Thank You Bone Man.

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BethHallKelley July 03, 2009

Bone Man, you've got a hit on your hands! I actually didn't think this was going to be popular (because of the artichokes, not the recipe!). To my surprise, 3 of the 4 kids at our Father's Day cook-out ate more than one serving, all the dads loved it, as did the moms! Great addition to the meal (we had grilled brats w/onion) and to my recipe collection. Thank you for sharing your creation here.

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Cookbook Junkie June 22, 2009

This is a wonderful, refreshing pasta salad! As others have said, it wasn't too saucy, but had just the right amount of liquid. The spices were great (especially loved the rosemary in the Italian Spice Blend) and gave it a unique taste. My only departures from the recipes as written were to use whole wheat rotini, Stevia in place of the sugar, and light mayo instead of regular. Next time I plan to throw in some diced tomatoes and bell pepper.

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worldmom June 08, 2009

Looking for tangy, somethin sparky this did it! All the blends were right on! I did add and change some...... Used shells, its what I had, added grape tomatoes, lettuce, and onion. This will be back on the table again soon. As always thanks Bone Man!

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Jockey May 21, 2009

This is one of THE best pasta salads I have EVER had!! I did only two things differently...I immediately doubled the dressing as I was making this in the morning for a dinner get together and I didn't want to have the salad dry. I am VERY pleased I did this as it was the perfect consistancy at dinner...not any dressing to spare actually, it all soaked up! I also added some minced red onion just because I love it! I have VERY little leftover and cannot wait to try to added some leftover cooked chicken to it for a heartier lunch salad. I have had three requests for this recipe already! We most definitely have a keeper here. I recommend everyone to try this. It is wonderful...nothing overpowers anything else...all the flavors come through fresh and clear.

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Michelle S. August 15, 2007

Put this together yesterday. If you like artichokes, this is a great salad. I like that it isn't soupy like a lot of pasta salads. I had a little Feta cheese left and added it also. My husband gives it 5 stars. Enjoyed your album, especially the ones with the animals. In the late 70's we hiked a portion of the Appalacian Trail. What a great experience! Thanks for posting. Will check the rest of your recipes. Toni in Colorado

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Toni in Colorado July 19, 2007

This was wonderful pasta salad...everyone at the table had seconds and thirds. I made it as written, though I used a bit more mayonnaise and next time I'll double the dressing as we like our pasta salad kind of 'soupy'. I'm test-running salads for our 4th of July 'bash' and I think this one made the grade and I'll certainly be making it again....my husband and girls will make sure of that! Thanks Bone Man for the great recipe!

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Hey Jude May 12, 2007
Patrick's Artichoke Pasta Salad